Shutdown or restart linux

       shutdown [options] when [message]

   -c     Cancel a shutdown that is in progress.

   -f    Reboot fast, by suppressing the normal call to fsck
         when rebooting.
   -h    Halt the system when shutdown is complete.

   -k    Print the warning message, but suppress actual shutdown.

   -n    Perform shutdown without a call to init.

   -r    Reboot the system when shutdown is complete.

   -t sec 
         Ensure a sec-second delay between killing processes
         and changing the runlevel.

 Shutdown immediately:
   shutdown -h now

 Reboot immediately:
   shutdown -r now 

 Shutdown at 8 pm:
   shutdown -h 20:00

 Shutdown in 10 minutes: 
   shutdown -h +10

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer” ~ Henry Kissinger

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logout – Exit a login shell
Equivalent Windows command: SHUTDOWN

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