No Hang Up. Run a command immune to hangups, runs the given command with hangup signals ignored, so that the command can continue running in the background after you log out.

      nohup Command [Arg]...

‘nohup’ increases the scheduling priority of COMMAND by 5, this gives a slightly lower priority.

If standard output is a terminal, it and standard error are redirected so that they are appended to the file nohup.out; if that cannot be written to, they are appended to the file $HOME/nohup.out. If that cannot be written to, the command is not run.

If ‘nohup’ creates either nohup.out or $HOME/nohup.out, it creates it with no “group” or “other” access permissions. It does not change the permissions if the output file already existed.

‘nohup’ does not automatically put the command it runs in the background; you must do that explicitly, by ending the command line with an ‘&’.


bash script that takes any simple command and runs it in the background. Logging output and error output to ~/launch The output files are suffixed with the date and time including nanoseconds so that two of the same command run in the same second won’t try to write to the same file.

mkdir -p ~/launch
logfilename="${1##*/}_$(date +%F_%H:%M:%S,%N)"
echo "== LAUNCH [email protected] ==" > ~/launch/${logfilename}_stdout.log
echo "== LAUNCH [email protected] ==" > ~/launch/${logfilename}_stderr.log
nohup "[email protected]" >>~/launch/${logfilename}_stdout.log 2>>~/launch/${logfilename}_stderr.log &

Related linux commands:

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chroot – Run a command with a different root directory
exec – Execute a command
if – Conditionally perform a command
nice – Change job scheduling priority
screen – Multiplex terminal, run remote shells via ssh
.source – Run commands from a file
su – Run a command with substitute user and group id

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