Print currently running jobs and their status.

      jobs [OPTIONS] [PID]

   --command  Print the command name for each process in jobs

   --group    Only print the group id of each job

   --help     Display a help message and exit

   --last     Only the last job to be started is printed

   --pid      Print the process id for each process in all jobs

On systems that supports this feature, jobs will print the CPU usage of each job since the last command was executed. The CPU usage is expressed as a percentage of full CPU activity. Note that on multiprocessor systems, the total activity can be more than 100%.

This is a BASH shell builtin, not all systems support all the options above, to display your local syntax type: help jobs


$ jobs

Related linux commands:

fg – Send job to foreground
bg – Send to background
suspend – Suspend execution of this shell

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